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Limousine Transport Service Toyota Alphard

Alphard's drive system, like the electronic four-wheel drive model, which is called E-FOUR, has two groups that drive front and rear wheels respectively. The front-mounted output has 143 ps / 270 Nm, which is responsible for assisting the output of 152 ps / 206 Nm 2.5 high compression ratio Atkinson-cycle straight 4 oil engine, after a group of output 68ps / 139Nm, while meeting the demand for power and fuel consumption. The luxurious design of the whole car is definitely the first choice for your business trip.

4x32" Luggage

6 Seats

Limousine Transport Service Toyota Vellfire

Vellfire is roughly the same as Alphard's configuration, the second row of seats can choose three standard chairs or two electric luxury chairs, standard equipped with high-tech ultrasonic radar crash safety system, front seat active headrest and steering wheel auxiliary stability Control S-VSC, bamboo fiber speakers, rear 9-inch LCD, humidity sensor, rear seat independent control of air conditioning, and the other seven airbags

4x32" Luggage

6 Seats

Limousine Transport Service Hyundai Starex

Starex has nine ultimate luxury cars with the most comfortable and comfortable ride experience. The powerful diesel engine has a maximum horsepower of 170 ps and a maximum torque of 45 kgm at low speeds. Powerful body with airbags, combined into the most powerful security experience.

5x32" Luggage

7 Seats

Limousine Transport Service Toyota Innova

Innova is equipped with a high-performance 2.0 1TR-FE engine with four VVT-i 16-valve dual camshaft air intake and exhaust system with maximum horsepower 133hp / 5600rpm, maximum torque of 18.5kgm / 4000rpm and low fuel consumption while meeting Commercial vehicle owners demand for power and fuel consumption. Its full car and with the former double airbags + front beam limit pre-shrink seat belts, providing high standards of security.

4x28" Luggage

4 Seats

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